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Special Needs Registration

The Linn County Sheriff's Office strives to provide all members of our community with the best possible law enforcement services. To fulfill that pledge, sometimes it is necessary that we are made aware of circumstances that may require an alternate approach when assisting citizens during emergencies or disasters. That is why we are creating a secure information database of Linn County citizens that will help deputies recognize and respond to individuals with special needs.

For example, do you have a family member that may not be able to communicate their address should they get lost? It can be extremely scary when lost and unable to ask for help. If we have the individual's address on file and are aware of the situation, we may be able help to alleviate some of the individual's stress and quickly resolve the situation. Or do you require life-supporting devices that rely on electricity? In the event of a natural disaster involving multiple power outages, this information can be vital for law enforcement and first responders to know so that we may provide the necessary assistance.

If you or someone you know can answer yes to any of the following questions, then it could be beneficial to register with the Linn County Sheriff's Office:

·         Do you use life-supporting devices such as oxygen, ventilator, feeding tube, etc.?

·         Have you had a stroke or a head injury that has caused physical or cognitive disabilities?

·         Do you suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's disease?

·         Are you paralyzed in any way or bedridden?

·         Are you dependent on an assistive device to move around such as a wheelchair, etc.?

·         Do you suffer from mental illness?

·         Would you require special transportation in the event of a disaster or evacuation?

·         Do you use service animals to assist you in day-to-day activities?

Providing information is 100% voluntary and all information will be kept strictly confidential. At no time will this information be distributed to the public.

While we will make every attempt to utilize this information in a way that improves interactions with those who have special needs, participation in this registry cannot guarantee a specific outcome, promise, or benefit.

What information is provided in the Special Needs Registry?

A photograph, description and contact information for the person.
Information needed to find those who wander away from home and identify "found" individuals.
Important medical, safety and behavioral concerns
Helpful suggestions for interacting with the person with a disability or medical condition.
Emergency contact information for the next of kin or legal guardian.
Who can enroll?

Parents, legal guardians, and caregivers may enroll a person of any age with any type of medical condition or disability, including but not limited to: 

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Down Syndrome
Adults with special needs may also enroll themselves to provide important information in case of emergency.  

In the online Special Needs Registration Form, an option is available to have the participant's information forwarded to the Linn County Ambulance District and local fire departments. If selected, please include the requested additional information such as medical history, medications, allergies, baseline vital signs, baseline neurological status and common medical conditions. 

Should you have any questions, please contact our Special Needs Registry Coordinator, Kaley Rodenberg via email at or during regular business hours at (660) 895-5312.

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