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Civil Process Service

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Due to the limited number of staff and the various other duties they are obligated to perform, the LCSO has a well-defined procedure to follow regarding civil process to ensure all legal responsibilities are met. These procedures will not be deviated from.

  • The Linn County Sheriff's Office will only serve court issued / ordered documents or documents provided by our office.
  • To be accepted for service, court documents must have the court seal and signature of the court clerk or judge.
  • It is the responsibility of the requesting party to provide the Sheriff's Office with the original or certified copy of the process and sufficient copies for all parties to be served.
  • It is the responsibility of the requesting party to provide the Sheriff's Office with the best-known actual address for service to be made. PO boxes, general delivery instructions and / or other directions not providing a specific location are not accepted. Service papers received without a verified service address will be returned to the requesting party.
  • It is the responsibility of the requesting party to provide a self-addressed stamped envelope if they wish to have the return mailed to them after service is completed. Otherwise, all returns will be submitted to the court.
  • It is the responsibility of the requesting party to ensure that the appropriate fee is submitted prior to service being attempted. Documents submitted for service without the correct fee will be returned to the requesting party.

The Sheriff may refuse to perform any service, other than when court costs are waived as provided by law, until the charge is paid.

The LCSO staff are not attorneys and are not permitted to offer legal advice. If you have questions regarding the papers you were served, you should contact the attorney listed on the paperwork or an attorney of your choice.

The LCSO staff maintain an impartial position between all parties involved in any civil process service.

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The Linn County Sheriff's Office utilizes Serve Builder for process service.

This is a free program that allows service papers to be uploaded and service fees paid electronically through the website It also allows for the requester to view service attempts and returns in live time as they are processed. 


If you are unable to pay for service via debit or credit card, you may still mail the documents with payment made by check or money order to the Linn County Sheriff's Office, 115 W. Jackson Street, Linneus, MO 64653.


**  We do not accept personal checks but will accept checks written by the court clerk or any law firm.  

Service fees

Civil Summons / Affidavits / Show Cause Orders:  $30.00

Civil Subpoenas:  $20.00

Garnishments:  $50.00

Executions / Evictions / Notices to Vacate:  $60.00

Writ of Attachments:  $50.00

Child Support Summons / Orders:  $30.00

Mileage Fee:  $0.67 per mile

Printing Fee:  $0.10 per page


Mileage fees are assessed for exact mileage from the Linn County Sheriff's Office to the service address and back. 


Office Address: 115 W. Jackson, Linneus, MO 64653 

Service Address: 1234 Right Way, Brookfield, MO 64628 

Total mileage from office to service address: 15 miles

15 x 2 = 30 miles

30 x 0.67 = $20.10 total mileage fee


 **  Initial payments will cover the first two service attempts. If additional attempts are made, an invoice will be sent for the additional mileage fee.

**  Deputies will make up to four attempts to serve papers. If we are unable to make contact with the individual or other allowable parties for acceptable service by the fourth attempt, we will "Non-Est" the papers and notify your office.


Any questions regarding civil process service should be directed to the

Civil Process Coordinator, Kaley Rodenberg


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