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Animal Control Issues

At the current time, Linn County Sheriff's Office does not have a dedicated Animal Control Division or officer.

Three cows standing in a pasture.                   Two horses standing in a pasture with two more horses in the background.

Our Road Patrol deputies respond to an extraordinary number of livestock and household animal related complaints each year. Whether it is due fencing damaged during storms, flooding, etc. or simply inadequate fencing, livestock roaming unhindered can cause severe damage. Neighboring landowners can be forced to deal with destruction of crops, property, and injury from roaming livestock. One of the biggest concerns is the possibility of a motor vehicle accident resulting in injuries or death due to livestock being in the roadways. If you currently own livestock or are looking into purchasing livestock, remember that you are required to provide adequate fencing or structures to keep the livestock confined to your property.

To help assist when situations like those mentioned above occur, we have asked that farm owners complete the Farm Contact Information form HERE.

Cow standing in the road.

Household animals such as dogs and cats are the cause of the majority of our animal-related calls. While we are a rural area and many allow their animals to roam free, this can tend to cause hardships for others when those animals wander beyond your property. Unfortunately, we have limited legal authority and enforcement options for many of these situations. Many times, these complaints can be managed and resolved more quickly by addressing the issue with the animal owner. Those complaints that cannot be resolved with the owner and that we are unable to assist with may be resolved in civil court. Even in those situations where we have limited authority, we are always happy and willing to work with our citizens and animal owners to help in any way we can.

Dog running through the field Five kittens playing in the grass

Missouri has various statutes, and many towns have local ordinances governing animal control / care. If you are an animal owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are familiar with these statutes and ordinances. RSMo 270.010 through 270.400, 578.005 through 578.050, and 578.170 through 578.188 all address various aspects concerning animal control, etc.


If you are interested in adopting a pet or need to relinquish ownership of a pet,

please contact the Linn County Humane Society at (660) 258-3322.

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