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Property & Evidence

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The Property & Evidence division is responsible for accepting, cataloging, and maintaining the security of all property and evidence obtained by the Linn County Sheriff's Office as dictated by Missouri state statute.

The Linn County Sheriff's Office does not keep "found" items or hold property for "safekeeping".

Personal property such as clothing, etc. that is on an individual's person at the time of their arrest and is not part of a criminal investigation is turned over to the jail they are housed in. To inquire about these items, please contact that specific jail.

Unless property is considered contraband, hazardous, illegal to possess, or it is to be presented as evidence, every reasonable effort will be made to ensure it is returned to the rightful owner. Consumables such as medications, tobacco, food, beverages, etc. are not able to be returned.

Any property that has been classified as evidence cannot be released until the case has been adjudicated and all court proceedings have been completed or the statute of limitations has expired. In some circumstances, the property classified as evidence cannot be released until the completion of the sentence set by the court.

Once all criteria have been met for the release of the items, the following process will be followed:

  1. The Property & Evidence Officer will send a Property / Evidence Return letter to the owner on file stating that the items are available for release.
  2. You must contact the Property & Evidence Officer to set up an appointment time for you to come to the office and take possession of the items.
  3. At your appointment you must provide a valid state ID and present the Property / Evidence Return letter that you received.
  4. Some items may require you to provide proof of ownership.
  5. Unclaimed property is subject to forfeit and / or disposal after 30 days.

Weapons cannot be returned if any of the following apply:

  1. You are a convicted felon.
  2. You have outstanding arrest warrants.
  3. You have a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction.
  4. You are the subject of an order of protection.

If you have any questions regarding property or evidence in the possession of the Linn County Sheriff's Office, please contact the Property & Evidence Officer.

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Linn County Sheriff's Office Property & Evidence Officer Contact Information

Sergeant Stacy Walton

Phone: (660) 895-5312 ext. 5857


Sergeant Stacy Walton

Sgt. Stacy Walton

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