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Court Security & Bailiff

Linn County Courthouse

The Linn County Sheriff's Office has one full-time Bailiff and one full-time Court Security / Transportation Officer.

The Bailiff's duties include being responsible for the safety and security of all persons in the courtroom, making arrests, overseeing the security of inmates while in the courtroom, and keeping order during court sessions.

The Court Security / Transportation officer is responsible for the security of the courthouse and transporting inmates as needed. This officer is charged with conducting searches of all entering the courthouse while court is in session.

Prohibited Items in the Courthouse


Cell Phones

Purses / Bags

Recording Devices

Guns, knives, pepper spray, mace, razor blades or any type of weapon.

Illegal Drugs

Any dangerous or hazardous material that could be used to harm another person.

Security Check-In Procedure

Visitors entering the courthouse on days court is in session will go through a security checkpoint. Only the south entrance will be open on these days. To accelerate this procedure please leave any of the prohibited items (listed above) at home or in your vehicle.

Appropriate behavior and attire are required at all times while in the Linn County Courthouse.

Upon entering, you will be directed to walk through a metal detector. If the metal detector goes off, the security officer may conduct another scan using a hand wand.

Do not proceed further into the courthouse until the security officer has cleared you.

Courtroom Behavior

Talking with inmates is prohibited and will be grounds for removal from the courtroom.

Offensive or improper attire is prohibited and will be grounds for removal from the courtroom.

No shorts, cutoff shirts, hats, or head coverings.

Anyone who refuses to comply with directives given by the Bailiff or Court Security Officer will be asked to leave the courthouse.

Disrespectful or disorderly conduct will be grounds for removal from the courtroom and the individual may be held in contempt of Court.


Bailiff Adam Wynne

Bailiff Adam Wynne


Court Security / Transportation Officer Ed Melte

Court Security / Transportation Officer Charles "Ed" Melte

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