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Inmate Bonds

When an individual is arrested on a Linn County warrant they will be provided with any applicable bond information. 

Bonds can be posted at the Linn County Sheriff's Office located at 115 W. Jackson, Linneus, MO 64653.

The Linn County Sheriff's Office will accept bond payments made via cash or credit / debit card. 

*There are additional fees charged by the credit / debit card processing company. 

All individuals posting bond on Linn County warrants will be required to sign a form acknowledging their agreement to abide by the following bond conditions:

  • Attend ALL court hearings set by the Court or any court to which the case is transferred or appealed.
  • Submit to ANY orders, judgments and sentences of the Court or any court hearing on this case.
  • Inform the Court of ANY change of address.
  • DO NOT violate the laws of ANY jurisdiction (Federal / State / Municipal).
  • DO NOT tamper with a Witness or Victim, nor allow another person on your behalf to tamper with a Witness or Victim.
  • Have NO CONTACT with any Victim and not enter on premises where any Victim lives, works, or attends school.
  • Submit to urinalysis or other drug or alcohol test WHENEVER REQUESTED by a Judge or Law Enforcement.
  • Consent at ANY TIME to search of your body, vehicle, home, or area around you at the request of Law Enforcement.
  • DO NOT purchase, possess, use, consume, or administer ANY narcotic drugs, or intoxicants in ANY form, including alcohol, nor frequent ANY place where such articles are sold, dispensed, used, or given away.
  • DO NOT use ANY prescription medication that is not prescribed to you by a Licensed Physician.
  • DO NOT associate with Person(s) having a criminal record or with any Person(s) who you know are engaged in illegal occupations.

Any questions regarding bond payments can be made by emailing or calling (660) 895-5312.

Questions regarding court appearances should be directed to the Linn County Circuit Court Clerk

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