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The Sex Offender Registration & Enforcement Unit is tasked with tracking and investigating all issues involving registration of sex offenders and any non-compliance with registration requirements. Numerous federal laws and state statues, including chapters 589.400 through 589.426 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, also known as Megan's Law, dictates the requirements for registration of certain offenders. These statutes also place the responsibility of overseeing these offenders on the chief law enforcement officer of the county which is the Sheriff. While the Linn County Sheriff oversees all aspects of his office, he has delegated some aspects of the position to individuals in his office that comprise the Sex Offender Registration & Enforcement Unit. While officers and staff with other law enforcement agencies such as the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Probation & Parole assist with monitoring sex offenders, the Sheriff's Office of each county has the presiding jurisdiction over all sex offenders within their county.

The Administrative Coordinator for SORE is Kaley Rodenberg.

Ms. Rodenberg has attended various training sessions and conferences specializing in offender registrations held by the Missouri Sheriff's Association, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Federal Bureau of Investigations, US Marshals, and the US Department of Justice. She has spent an extensive amount of time learning about the federal and state requirements for sex offender registration so that the Linn County Sheriff's Office is well equipped to ensure all requirements are met.

For any questions regarding the SORE Unit, please contact Ms. Rodenberg at


during regular business hours at (660) 895-5014 ext. 1.

  • Ultimately it is the offender's responsibility to ensure they are familiar with ALL federal laws and state statutes governing offender registrations.
  • The LCSO staff are not attorneys and are not permitted to offer legal advice. If you have questions regarding sex offender registration issues, you should contact an attorney. 
  • It is also the offender's responsibility to ensure that all statutorily obligated information is provided to the SORE Unit along with all necessary documentation.
  • Offenders must contact the SORE Administrative Coordinator within three (3) business days of any changes to the required information to make an appointment to update their registration.
  • Leaving messages with dispatch or other officers will not satisfy the obligation of registration.
  • Offenders must also provide the fee associated with any registrations as dictated by RSMo 589.400. Failure to do so may result in formal charges being made for failure to register.  


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SORE Administrative Coordinator, Kaley Rodenberg

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