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Sex Offender Registration


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  • Ultimately it is the offender's responsibility to ensure they are familiar with ALL federal laws and state statutes governing offender registrations. 
  • The LCSO staff are not attorneys and are not permitted to offer legal advice. If you have questions regarding sex offender registration issues, you should contact an attorney. 
  • It is also the offender's responsibility to ensure that all statutorily obligated information is provided to the SORE Unit along with all necessary documentation.
  • Offenders must contact the SORE Administrative Coordinator within three (3) business days of any changes to the required information to make an appointment to update their registration. 
  • Leaving messages with dispatch or other officers will not satisfy the obligation of registration. 
  • Offenders must also provide the fee associated with any registrations as dictated by RSMo 589.400. Failure to do so may result in formal charges being made for failure to register.   

Pursuant to the Revised Statues of Missouri (RSMo) §589.400 to 589.425, when completing sex offender registration, sex offenders shall provide positive identification and documentation to substantiate the accuracy of the information completed on the offender registration form. Therefore, the Linn County Sheriff's Office Sex Offender Registration and Enforcement (SORE) Unit requires verifying documentation upon request or when reporting, adding, changing, and/or removing information from the sex offender registration form. In addition, full verification is required each year during the offender's birth month registration. 

To help answer some questions regarding how / where to register, what documentation is required and what verification is acceptable please read the questions below. 

Please understand that this list is not all inclusive and may change at any time without notice. 

  1. How does a sex offender register or update their information?
    • Contact Kaley Rodenberg at LCSO to schedule an appointment for registration or to update the information on file.
    • Book an appointment online HERE.
      • Make sure to select the correct appointment type. Ex: New Registrations, Update, 90 Day, etc.
    • Initial registrations MUST be completed in-person at the Sheriff's Office within 3 business days of release from custody, moving into Linn County or beginning work in Linn County. 
  2. What type of documentation is needed for an initial registration?
    • A valid photo ID
    • Release paperwork and initial registration completed at DOC or P&P office
    • Court documentation for the case(s) requiring registration
    • Proof of MOSOP completion
    • Proof of address
    • Proof of employment
    • Vehicle registrations for all vehicles owned and / or operated by the offender
    • Verification / authentication of all online identifiers
    • If moving into Linn County bring the last completed registration form from the previous county
  3. What type of ID is acceptable?
    • A valid Missouri ID or driver's license.
      • If not a MO resident & registering due to working in MO, a valid ID from the state the offender resides in will be acceptable.
      • The name, date of birth & address on the ID all needs to be correct and current information.
        • The address listed must be the current primary residence.
      • The ID card cannot be expired or altered.
    • DOC or Federal DOC ID
      • Only accepted for initial registrations.
    • Passports 
  4. What if an offender does not have an ID?
    • An offender MUST have some form of acceptable identification for registration.
      • If an offender's ID has been lost or stolen, file a police report in the appropriate jurisdiction and provide the report number to the SORE Unit for the current appointment.
      • On the next appointment, a valid ID must be used to register.
  5. What constitutes a current address verification?
    • A letter or document issued within the previous thirty (30) days by the State of Missouri, any federal agency, or another state / local government agency.
    • Current Utility Bill (Water, Gas, Electric, Trash Sewer)
    • Current Mortgage Statement
    • Current Lease
    • Property Tax Receipt, only if for the primary residence address.
  6. Are offenders required to report temporary residences?  
    • Yes. Any residence where an offender stays reported as a temporary residence. 
  7. Are offenders required to report mailing addresses?
    • Yes. All addresses where an offender receives mail must be reported.
  8. What if an offender is from another state but temporarily residing in Missouri?
    • Any offender from another state who has a temporary residence in this state and resides here for more than 7 days in a 12-month period must register.
      • Dates do not have to be consecutive.
    • The full address of each destination where the offender is staying must be reported.
  9. What must be reported for employment?
    • An offender must report all employment including volunteer and intern positions.
      • Acceptable proof of employment is a letter on the company letterhead with the signature of the supervisor/owner of the company.
      • If an offender works in a different county than where they reside, they must also register with the Sheriff of the county in which they work.
    • If an offender is starting a new job or is terminated / quits their job, they must report it within 3 business days.
    • When reporting employment with:
      • Temp agencies
        • Must list temp agency and job site addresses where the offender will be working more than 7 days in a 12-month period.
      • Union Halls
        • Must list the union hall and any addresses where the offender works more than 7 days in a 12-month period.
      • Self-employed contractors
        • Must report the business's physical address and provide a copy of the business license.
        • Must report any locations if working outside of Linn County along with addresses for hotels, etc.
      • Over-the-road Drivers
        • Must report business's physical address.
        • Must provide a copy of routes driven if assigned a dedicated route.
          • Changes in dedicated routes must be reported within 3 business days.
        • Must provide current routes for the week if dispatched to various locations.
          • These can be faxed or emailed to the SORE unit from your dispatcher.
  10. How and what is required regarding vehicles an offender owns or operates.
    • Any and ALL vehicles that are owned or operated by the offender must be on their registration.
      • Vehicles are to be registered even if they are not licensed or do not run.
      • Any vehicles that the offender has co-signed for are to be registered.
      • If the vehicle is not licensed, bring in the title for verification.
    • Vehicles must be reported within 3 business days of purchasing / driving, even if it has not been licensed yet. Must bring verification with date of purchase listed.
      • Once plates have been received, it must be reported within 3 business days.
    • All work vehicles that an offender operates must be reported.
      • If an offender is a mechanic and takes a vehicle OFF the property, they WILL need to report that vehicle within 3 business days.
  11. Does an offender have to report every vehicle owned or operated - including spouse's, work's, or friend's - even if the offender's name is not on the title?
    • Yes: Every vehicle an offender owns or OPERATES must be reported.
  12. Is an offender required to report all phone numbers they use - even a girlfriend's, boyfriend's, relative's, friend's, spouses, or work?
    • Yes
  13. What if an offender uses a phone someone else owns and/or pays for?
    • Bring in the phone bill that displays the owner's name with the offender's registered phone number on it.
  14. What if an offender closes a phone account?
    • Bring in verification that the phone number has been deactivated.
      • An email from the company or letter on the company's letterhead stating the account is closed.
  15. Is an offender required to register all online identifiers?
    • Yes, and they must be registered at least three (3) business days PRIOR to use.
    • These are a few of the apps that require registration, however this list is not all inclusive:
      • Badoo, Bumble, CashApp, Discord, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Flickr, Friendster, GoFundMe, Grindr, Houseparty, Imgur, Instagram, Kik, Life360, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Mastodon, MeetMe, Mixer, MySpace, MyHeritage, OKCupid, Oops, PayPal, Pinterest, POF, QQ, Quora, QZone, Reddit, SinaWeibo, Skype, SnapChat, Steam, Tango, Telegram, TikTok, Tinder, Tumblr, Tumblr Blog, Twitch, Twitter, Venmo, VSCO, WeChat, WhatsApp, Wishbone, XBox Live, Yik Yak, YouTube, etc.  
  16. Are offenders required to report any and all IP addresses used - including work?
    • Yes, along with authentication.
      • ALL IP addresses must be reported, including any WI-FI, phones, devices, wearables (ex. Smart watches).
      • You can find your IP address by using
  17. What if an offender owns a domain?
    • Must bring in verification of ownership with the domain name listed.
      • Any websites associated with the domain must be included.
      • Any emails associated with the domain must be included.
  18. What if an offender no longer uses an email?
    • Must provide verification that the email address has been deleted.
      • For example: Send an email to the "old" email, and if it bounces back saying it cannot be delivered, we will accept the returned email document.
  19. What if an offender no longer uses a website or an online identifier?
    • Must provide verification that website has been deleted.
      • This can be done with a confirmation email.
  20. Do offenders have to report vacations and / or international travel?
    • This is dependent on the destination and length of the trip.
      • If traveling within the United States and gone for more than 7 days, the following is required:
        • Travel plans must be reported two weeks prior to departure.
      • If traveling outside of the United States, the following is required:
        • Travel plans must be reported AT LEAST 21 days prior to departure.
        • Provide passport for a copy to be sent to DOJ.
      • Regardless of destination, a full itinerary and complete addresses for all stops must be provided.
      • It is the offender's responsibility to check with each state they are traveling through to ensure they are compliant with any registering requirements that the state may have.
  21. What are the restrictions regarding schools, daycares, parks, etc.?
    • Offenders cannot live within 1,000 feet of any public or private school or childcare facility.
    • Offenders cannot be physically present or loiter within 500 feet of any childcare facility or school property when persons younger than 18 years of age are present, unless the offender is a parent, legal guardian, or custodian of the child and has obtained permission from the superintendent or school board.
    • Offenders cannot be present or loiter within 500 feet of any property comprising any public park with playground equipment or a public swimming pool, or any museum or library with the primary purpose of entertaining or educating children under the age of 18.
  22. What are the restrictions for Halloween?
    • Offenders must avoid all Halloween related contact with children.
    • Offenders are to remain inside their residence between 5:00 pm and 10:30 pm on Halloween unless there is just cause to leave.
    • A sign must be posted stating "No candy or treats at this residence" and all outside residential lighting is to be off after 5:00 pm.
  23. Can an offender coach or manage a youth sports team if their child is on the team and they have permission from the organization governing the sport?
    • No. An offender cannot serve as a coach or manager for any sports team in which a child less than 17 years of age is a member.
  24. Are there fees associated with registering?
    • Yes, there is a $10 fee for initial registrations and a $5.00 fee for every change made after.

It is the offender's responsibility to ensure that they are aware of and following all federal and state laws regarding sex offender registration. 


** Failure to follow sex offender registration requirements will result in a report being filed with the prosecuting attorney and possible Failure to Register charges being filed.


** Nothing on this site is meant supersede or overrule Missouri state statutes or federal laws regulating sex offender registrations. 


LCSO Executive Kaley Rodenberg

SORE Administrative Coordinator, Kaley Rodenberg

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